Obviously, Its All About Flones

A journal for random SA's and bits of long fic that the boards don't like

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i love McFly, and i am in love with McSlash. my OTPs are Flones, Pudd and Floynter. McFly are almost everything to me, i love them to pieces. i write fan fiction on the official McFly boards, under the name of 'toms_star_girl'
i also love Carrie Fletcher, and ship her with Alex Day. also i love Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Spike was the greatest vampire ever, never lost his soul fully, and deserved to be with Buffy. and Tara should have never have died either. and Faith was the better slayer out of her and Buffy.
Avril Lavigne and Carrie Fletcher are my idols, Carries taking over a little, i will admit, but i will always look up to the teenage Avril, the punky side of her, with all the attitude and awesome clothes. not that she isnt awesome now, she was just more awesome then.
i would love to be a writer, and have ideas, but i'm too chicken to do anything about it. i've got to learn to listen to Carries 'Dare To Suck' speech. and that about it really :) if you want to read my McFly fics, or just talk about them, or whatever, message me! :)